About Us


Marios Iliopoulos
Project Manager/Music Producer

Marios has a long experience as a musician as a member of Exhumation (GR) and founder of Nightrage (Greece and Sweden), after collaborating with world class musicians, he decided to use all this great experience and talent to help artists manifest their vision in the best possible way.

Nik Logiotatidis
Music producer/Sound Engineer

Nik’s career in music started off in the late 90’s and entered the studio for the first time in 1999 with 2 by Bukowski. In 2004 Nik moved to London to pursue a career in music production and engineering. There he worked with a vast array of artists such as John Keeble (Spandau Ballet), The Tiger Lillies, Chris Dale (Bruce Dickinson), Adrian Erlandsson (At The Gates, Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted), to name a few. In 2010, Nik left London to work with producer Cookie Marenco, in California expanding his knowledge in music production and the analog recording process. A year later Nik returned to his hometown of Thessaloniki and has worked with bands such as My Excuse, Jane Doe, Onirama, Professional Sinners and M3MF1S.

Marios Official studio albums:

Seas Of Eternal Silence  (1997)
Dance Across The Past  (1998)
Traumaticon  (1999)

Sweet Vengeance (2003)
Descent Into Chaos (2005)
A New Disease Is Born (2007)
Wearing A Martyr’s Crown (2009)
Insidious (2011)
The Puritan (2015)
The Venomous (2017)
Wolf To Man (2019)