All about services

Song Production: This is the ultimate experience in record making as you will have Marios and Nik in hand to bring your vision to life! Rehearsals, composition and arrangement changes to compliment your music and improve your ideas!

Recording: We can record up to 40 channels simultaneously with our Pro Tools HDX system and our Soundcraft MH4 console in a comfortable and vibey environment!

Mixing: Making your music sound as best as possible by utilizing both analog gear and high quality audio plugins!

Re-amping: All you need to do is bring us D.I. tracks and we’ll make them huge through our top of the line amps and microphones!

Drum Editing: If your drums need to sound tight with clean edits and in tempo, our team here will get them ready on time for your bass player to record over!

How to prepare your tracks:

For Recording:
In order to get the best possible results before recording and spending aching hours and money in the studio, we have a few tips for you, in order to be best prepared and enjoy the recording process more!

1. Make sure you are well rehearsed before coming to the studio. Record your rehearsals and improve your             individual parts, as well as the general songwriting of your band!

2. All of your instruments need to be serviced before recording! This includes your voices!!!

For Mixing:
All files should have the same starting point, (consolidated and starting from zero) and must be in sync when imported into a new session.
All tracks must have the same name between the songs. For example “Kick” track in song 1 is “Kick” in all songs.
Files should be free of noises and clicks such as bad punches, please have all your edits cross-faded.
Please include clean signals (DI’s) for guitars and bass in case of re-amping.
Files should be recorded in 24 bit and 44khz(at least).
Send us only the final takes.
Please provide the tempo maps, preferably as midi files.